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Dec 10, 2016

Tere Daaman e Karam Mein + English Translation

Tere daaman-e karam mein jisay neend aa gayi hai,
Jo fana na hogi aisi usey zindagi mili hai.
Whoever went to sleep in the folds of your generosity!
Has found an everlasting life, a life of infinity!
Mujhey kya padee kisi se karooN arz mudda'a mein,
Meri lau to bas unhee ke dar-e Jood se lagi hai.
Why shall I bother to plead my case to anyone else?
My focus is directed only towards his munificent house!
Teri yaad thapki dekar mujhey ab Shaha sulaa dey,
Mujhey jaagte hue yoon badi der ho gayi hai.
May your remembrance O King, thump and put me to sleep now!
For I have been awake like this, for a long time now!
Mai maruN to mere maula ye malaika se kehdeiN,
Koi iss ko mat jagana abhi aankh lag gayi hai.
May my master say to the angels when I die!
“He has just gone to sleep, let him peacefully lie!”
Jo paey swaal aaye mujhay dekh kar ye boleiN;
Issay chein se sulaaoo ke ye banda e Nabi hai.
May those who come to question, upon seeing me proclaim!
“Put him to sleep in comfort, for he is the Prophet’s bondman!”
Wo jahan bhar ke daata mujhe fer denge khaali;
Meri tauba ai Khuda ye mere nafs ki bari hai
Will he, the Giver to the world, turn me away empty-handed?
O Allah, forgive me! This thought is the evil of my soul indeed!
Mein gunahgaar huN aur badey martabon ki khwahish;
Tu magar Kareem hai jo teri banda parwari hai
I am a sinner, but still I long for lofty positions!
Yet you endow the slaves, for indeed you are the generous!
Ay naseem-e koo-e jaanaaN zara soo-e bad naseebaaN,
Chali aa, khuli hai tujh pey, jo hamari Bekasi hai,
O the cool breeze of the beloved's home, blow also towards the luckless!
Come hither! For well-known to you is our helplessness!
Tera Dil shikasta Akhtar isi intezaar mein hai;
Ke abhi naweede wuslat Tere Dar se aa rahi hai
Your tired heart O Akhtar, has long been waiting only for it!
Here come the glad tidings of a meeting, from the court of the Holy Prophet.
Billions of blessings and salutations of peace be upon the Holy Prophet; and upon his noble wives, his noble progeny, his noble companions and all those who rightly follow him until the Last Day.

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