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Oct 19, 2017

Aankheiñ Haiñ Jalwa Khana e Mehboob e Elahi

Aankheiñ haiñ Jalwa Khana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi
Dil Kyuñ na ho Diwana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Wa’aiz teri Jannat Ki Qasam dekh to Jakar
Firdaus hai Maikhana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Roshan hai Mujhpe Mere Jine Ki Haqeeqat
Har Saa’ns hai Afsana -e-Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Haqqa Ke hai Ek A’aina -e- Anwaar -e- Do Aalam
Ek Jalwa -e- Mastana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Vo Ehed -e- Khizañ Ho Ke Bahara Ho Ba Har Rang
Waa hai Dar -e- Maikhana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Gulshan Ko Agar Deeda -e- Zahir Se Na Dekho
Har Phool Hai Paimana -e- Mehboob-e- Elahi !

Dolat hai Nigaho Me Magar Paa Nahi Sakta
Bad’Bakht hai Baigana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Jab Fart -e- Aqeedat Se ‘Shakeel’ Aankh utthaayi
Tha Saamne Ka’ashana -e- Mehboob -e- Elahi !

Az Kalam: Shakeel Badayuni Sahab

Qalam Se Ab Nikalta Hai Bayan-e-Shan-e-Marehra


Qalam se ab nikalta hai Bayan-e-Shan-e-Marehra.
Hamesha qadriyoñ par Rahe Faizan-e-Marehra.

Shariat ka Tariqat ka Haseeñ sañgam hai ye Dharti.
Isi Dharti pe dunya Sunniyat ki Sari hae marti.

Shah-e-Abdul Jaleel-e-Bilgerami ne yahañ Aakar.
Urooj-e-Khas Bakhssha Arz-e-Marehra ko wo yak sar.

Ke Sare jag me shohra hogaya is paak dharti ka.
Bana Marehra Markaz bil Yaqiñ sab Ahlesunnat ka .

Hae Mujh par Sahabul Barkaat ki barkat bahot Zyada.
Jo mae bhin Ban gaya Midhat nigar-e-Arz-e-Marehara.

Shah-e-Aa’l-e-Muhammed Aa’bid-e-Zeeshan-e-Marehra.
Huzur Aa’l-e-Rasool-e-Ahmedi Sultan-e-Marehra.

Jamal-e-Hazrat-e-Noori , Mizal-e-Hazrat-e-Noori.
Bayañ mae kar nahi sakta kamal-e-Hazrat-e-Noori.

Hae Faiz-e-Jari-e-Qasim jahañ me har jagah logo.
Aqeedat ki nigahoñ se zara tum Dosto dekho.

Na Bhuleñ ge kabhi Sayyed miyañ ki Shafqateñ Sunni.
Na Bhuleñ ge kabhi Hayder Hasan ki Barkateñ Sunni.

Ameen-e-Basafa , Nazmi ki Danai k kya kahene.
MiyaN Ashraf . Najeeb , Afzal ki ra’anai ke kya kahene.

Mushahid Ho Fida Azm-e-Aman-e-Deen wo Millat ke.
Ke un k dam se Gulshan Shahe barkat ka sada foole

Penned By: Dr. Muhammad Husain Mushahid Razvi

Oct 1, 2017

The Story of Imam Ja'ffar Al Tayyaar Radi Allahu Anhu

Huzoor Maulana Rumi Radi Allahu Anhu states in the mathnawi shareef regarding nisbat

"It is a well known that the fox is not renowned for its bravery." However, the fox that has a lion as support behind its back saying to him: "Fear not, my hand is upon your back", in spite of lacking courage, becomes very brave indeed.

His new found bravery is of such a nature that he will not hesitate to attack a leopard. He now has the support of a lion at his side, he will show no fear for a leopard.

Similarly, is the case of the chosen servants of Allah Ta'ala. In spite of their apparent physical weakness , they show no fear in the face of a multitude of evil forces and do not shy away from speaking the truth come what may.
It is said by the Sufiyaa e kiraam : "O people! Look not upon my physical weakness. Do you know that within my heart I am connected to the King of kings."

Maulana Rumi Radi Allahu Anhu tells the story of Hazrat Sayyiduna Jaa'far Radi Allahu Anhu.
Once Hazrat Sayyiduna Jaa'far Radi Allahu Anhu attacked a fortress all by himself. His attack was so fierce that it seemed that the fortress would soon become a prey to the hoofs of his horse. The inmates of the fortress were so struck by awe that they closed the gates of the fortress and no one dared to come out to engage in battle with him.

The king discussed with his Wazir as to what to do. The Wazir advised him : "The best line of action is to cancel all plans of making war against this man. It is best to take your kafan and your sword, go to him and lay down your weapons".

The king replied: "But this man is all alone. How is it that you give me such advice?"
The Wazir informed him: "Do not underestimate his being one man only. Open your eyes and look at the fortress and see how it trembles. Look at the inmates of the fortress, and see how their heads are bowed downwards. Even though the man is alone, the heart that he has is not like the hearts of ordinary men.
Look at his courage, he challenges them into battle with a naked sword in his hand and in a confident and victorious manner, calls them to fight. It seems that all the battle forces of the East and West are with him.

One man alone, but he appears like hundreds of thousands. Do you not see that whichever soldiers are sent out to fight him are soon seen lying under the hoofs of his horse?

After seeing the courage and bravery of this man, O king, I have realised that the multitude of soldiers, which are with you, will not be able to do anything against him.

Do not rely upon numbers. The main thing is the unity of the heart and this is actually what is so striking about the heart of this man.

In this respect, he has been endowed endlessly with it. This is a gift from Allah Ta'ala, which is attained through the acquisition of contact with Him.

This connection you will not be able to attain while you are in this state of Kufr.

Hence, it is best for you to throw down your weapons in defeat before this courageous believer, and to open the gates of the fortress, because your numerous soldiers are of no use."

Then Maulana Rumi Radi Allahu Anhu gives examples in which the majority becomes useless in front of minority:

Millions of stars shine and produce light, but at the rising of the sun, their light becomes nonexistent.

If a thousand mice were to attack a weak cat, it would appear that they would be victorious in their endeavour. A few of them can grab him by the neck. One or two of them can then take his eyes out. One or two of them can tear off his ears with their teeth. One or two of them can make an opening at his side, enter and begin chewing the internal organs. It would appear to be a reasonable plan. However, experience proves otherwise.

As soon as the weak cat utters one "meow" the whole multitude of mice become scared and one by one, they flee to safety.
The moment they hear the "meow" they become convinced of being vanquished and begin visualising the actions of the cat's teeth and paws makes them flee.

The main reason for this is the difference between the hearts of the mice and the heart of the cat. The unity of the heart in the cat and the courage lying in it, is not found in the mice. Otherwise, it would appear that if a large number of mice should attack the cat, it will be impossible for the cat to escape. Hence, we conclude that even if the number of mice were a hundred thousand, still, seeing a weak cat will cause all of them to run away. This proves that numbers mean nothing. The main thing is unity of the heart and courage.

Sheep and goats may be numerous in number but in the face of the knife of the butcher, that number is of no consequence.

The lion in the forest courageously attacks a multitude of animals with horns and he alone gets the upper hand over them. Furthermore, whichever animal he chooses from among them, he eats.

Allah Ta'ala, is the One who grants this unity of heart and such courage and comes about through the blessings of close contact with those close to Allah Ta'ala. This is what the Sufis term as "Nisbat", for which one has to strive. It is a great favor from Allah Ta'ala to have contact with the Aulia e kiraam. And there is only one way of attaining this contact and that is by following the Buzurgaane Deen who are the rope of Allah Almighty.
They are our means to The Most Beloved Sall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam and The Most Beloved Sall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam is our means to Allah Almighty.

Kya Dabe Jis Pe Himayat Ka Ho Panja Tera
                                                Sher Ko Khatre Mein Lata Nahi Kutta Tera

An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat easily an army of lions led by a sheep.

Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat Radi Allahu Anhu is our lion
We are sheep
The lion leads, our job is to follow.

Maslake Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat Radi Allahu Anhu zindahbad.

Translated by khaakpaaye Imam Ahmad Raza Radi Allahu Anhu
Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi

Sitting With The Pious Scholars

There was a time when people would spend most of their days and nights sitting with the ulemaa e kiraam and mashaaikh e kiraam.

Then slowly by slowly people became busy and would visit the ulema on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis.

We then became so busy in our worldly affairs that this visit became an annual visit.

Times changed again and social media whattsapp etc took over our lives.

We are in a state now where even if an Alim e Deen messages us we do not have the time to read or reply.

Our problems are increasing yet our connection with Ilm and our relationship with the Ulema is decreasing if not non existent .

The benefit of keeping sohbat and connection with the Ulema is immense.

*Seven benefits for one who sits in the company of Ulama*

Faqih Imam Abul-Laith Samarqandi RadiAllahu ánhu states that there are seven benefits for one who sits in the company of Ulama even though one does not understand the lectures:

1. As long as one remains in the company of the Ulama, one will be free from sins and disobedience

2. One will be classed as a student of Deen

3. One will receive the blessings of seeking knowledge for the period one sits in their company

4. One will enjoy the Mercy of Allah Almighty that will shower the gathering

5. As long as one hears knowledgeable things, one will get blessings for it

6. There are times when one hears intricate discussions of the Ulama and does not understand them. If one becomes sad due to one’s ignorance, then this sincere sadness is also a virtue

7. One will develop the distinction between the virtue of the Ulama and their knowledge and the evil of ignorance and its destruction

May Allah Almighty grant us the Towfeeq to keep connection with our Ulema e kiraam
Ameen Thumma Aameen.

Taalibe Dua Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi

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