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Mar 20, 2023

Remove The Darkness From My Way [Lyrics]

Remove the darkness from my way
You are the shine in every ray
This darkness is to my dismay
But by you I know it won’t stay

I come to you, and I will stay
The word “no” you will never say
I’ll have your grace, for this I pray
Now, won’t you turn your gaze my way?

The moon shattered just by your say
The sun came back, prolonged its stay
You have your wish, you have your way
And in your court, none have a say

The way Akhtar, Turab display
Ziā, `Asjad Raza today
Protect the Dream, TheSunniWay
We move ahead all while we say

Your foes will always be astray
In our hearts, they will have no stay
Our way is clear as night and day
Our rule is black and white no gray

Any fear my heart cannot stir
Besides me there you always were
Abdul Samad, you have Akhtar
And he has with him his master


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