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Jul 4, 2014

Some Important Laws Concerning Fasting

Law: If a person intentionally broke the fast of Ramadaan, then in this case he is liable for the Qaza of that fast, and he must also keep a further 60 fasts as Kaffarah (compensation). Now, if he kept (all) sixty-one fasts, and he did not specify the day for which he is making Qaza, the fasts will still be valid. [Alamgiri]

Law: If whilst fasting one had his tooth extracted and the blood came out and flowed in below the throat, and even if this happened whilst sleeping, the Qaza for that fast is Waajib. [Raddul Muhtar]

Law: If one was rinsing the mouth and without intent, water went down the throat, of if one was snorting water into the nostrils and it reached the brain, the fast will break, unless he has forgotten that he is fasting, then in this case it will not nullify the fast, even if he did so intentionally. Similarly, if someone threw something towards a fasting person and it went into his throat, the fast will be broken. [Alamgiri]


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