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Feb 18, 2015

Sambhal Jaa Ae Dile Muztar Lyrics + English Translation

Sambhal Jaa Ae Dile Muztar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
Lutaa Ai Chashme Tar Gohar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
Be steady O my quivering heart! Madinah is close!
Shower your gems O my watery eyes! Madinah is close! 

Qadam Ban Jaaey Mera Sar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
Bichhoon Reh Mai Nazar Ban Kar Madeenah Aane Wala Hai
May my head become my feet, Madinah is close!
May I become even with the ground, Madinah is close! 

Jo Dekhey Un Ka Naqshe Paa Khuda Se Woh Nazar Maangoon
Charaaghe Dil Chaloon Lekar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
O Allah! Give me the sight that searches his blessed foot-prints,
May I walk with an enlightened heart, Madinah is close! 

Karam Unka Chalaa Yoon Dil Se Kehta Raahe Taybah Mein
Dile Muztar Tasalli Kar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
The beloved’s generosity said to my heart on the path of Taibah,
O the quivering heart, rest assured, Madinah is close! 

Ilaahi Main Talabgaare Fanaa Hoon Khaake Taybah Main
Ilaahi Kar Nisaare Dar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
O Allah, I seek to be mingled into the dust of Madinah,
O Allah! Sacrifice me upon his abode, Madinah is close! 

Madeene Ko Chala Mei Beniyaaze Rehbare Manzil
Rahe Taybah Hai Khud Rehbar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
I go towards Madinah, independent of a guide to my goal,
The path of Madinah is itself a guide, Madinah is close! 

Mujhe Kheenche Liye Jaataa Hai Shouqe Kooncha'e Jaana
Khinchaa Jaata Hoon Mein Yaksar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
The love of the beloved’s abode pulls me towards it,
I am completely attracted to it, Madinah is close! 

Jahaan Se Bekhabar Ho Kar Chalo Khulde Madeenah Main
Chalo Ab Hosh Ki Peekar Madeenah Aane Waala Hain
Enter the Paradise of Madinah oblivious of the entire world,
Go forth, now drunk in sensible ecstasy, Madinah is close! 

Zara Ai Markabe Umre Rawaan Chal Barq Ki Soorat
Dikha Parwaaz Ke Jowhar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
O my weary old mount, rush forth like lightning,
Show me the speed of your flight, Madinah is close! 

Talabgaare Madeenah Tak Madeenah Khud Hi Aajaaey
Tu Duniya Se Kinaara Kar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
May Madinah itself come to the one longing for it!
Give up the love of this world, Madinah is close! 

Madeenah Aagaya Ab Der Kya Hai Sirf Itni Si
Tu Khaali Kar Yeh Dil Ka Ghar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
Madinah has come, so what are you waiting for?
Just cleanse the space of your heart, Madinah is close! 

Falak Shaayad Zameen Par Rehgaya Khaake Guzar Bankar
Bichhe Hai Raah Mein Akhtar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai
The sky has come down on earth, and become the dust of his path!
For the stars are now scattered on the way, Madinah is close! 

Ghubaare Raahe Anwar Kis Qadar Purnoor Hai Akhtar
Tani Hai Noor Ki Chaadar Madeenah Aane Waala Hai.
How bright is the dust of the luminous path, O Akhtar!
A canopy of light stretches along the way, Madinah is close! 

- - -

Pennee By: Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan alQadri (may Allah increase his beneficence) 

English Translation: by Mawlana Aqib alQadri


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