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Aug 1, 2016

Stay Away From Deviants

Sayyiduna Fudail Ibn Ayaad Radi Allahu Anhu says :

Whomsoever loves a deviant, Allah Almighty will take away all his deeds.
Allah Almighty will cause the Noor of Iman to leave his heart.

And for Those who hate the deviants for the sake of Allah Almighty, I have complete belief That Allah Almighty will forgive them, even if their good deeds are small in number, and will forgive their bad deeds.

When one sees a deviant coming towards him, ond should change his path.

قال فضيل بن عياض من احب صاحب بدعة احبط الله عمله واخرج نور الايمان من قلبه واذا علم الله من رجل انه مبغص لصاحب بدعة رجوت الله ان يغفر ذنوبه وان قل عمله واذا رايت مبتدعا فى طريق فخذ طريقا اخر ( غنية الطالببن باب اجتناب اهل بدعة)

Unhain maana Unhain jaana
Na rakha ghair se kaam,
Lillah hilhamd main dunya se
Musalmaan gaya .

Aaj le Unki Panah
Aaj Madad Mang Unse,
Phir na maanenge qayamat main Agar Maan Gaya ....

Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat Radi Allahu Anhu

Translated by Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi


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