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Aug 7, 2014

Timeline of Aala Hazrat Alaihi Rahma


Birth: 10th Shawwal 1272 / 14th June 1856

4 Years: First completion of Qur'an recitation

5 Years: First speech in Rabi al-Awwal

12 Years: First Work in Arabic

13 Years: Graduation (13 Years, 10 months and 5 days) + Begins to Teach and Issue Legal Edicts Under Supervision

19 Years: Marriage

20 Years: Birth of Eldest Son: Mawlana Hamid Raza Khan

21 Years: Permission to Issue Legal Edicts Independently

22 Years: Tariqah - Initiation and Permission to Initiate (Ba'yat/Khilafat) + First Urdu Work

23 Years: First Hajj and Visit to the Two Sanctuaries + Ijazah in Hadith from Shaykh Ahmed Zayni Dahlan al-Makki, Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman al-Siraj and Shaykh Husayn Salih Jamal al-Layl (Alayhim ar-Rahmah)

26 Years: First Persian Work

35 Years: Subhan as-Subbuh

38 Years: Birth of Second Son: Mawlana Mustafa Raza Khan

39 Years: Attends the Inaugural Session of Nadwatul Ulama in Kanpur

41 Years: Al-Fadl al-Mawhibi

43 Years: Dissociation from the Nadwah Movement

45 Years: Refutation of Qadiyani False Prophet + Refutation of Nadwah: Fatawa Al-Haramayn

46 Years: Hailed as Mujaddid/Reviver of the age by Indian Scholars

48 Years: Al-Mustanad Al-Mu'tamad

50 Years: Establishment of the School Manzar-e-Islam in Bareilly + Begins Compilation of Fatawa ar-Ridawiyyah

51 Years: Second Hajj and Visit to the Two Sanctuaries

52 Years: Ijazah of Hadith Given to Scholars in Makkah and Madinah + Attestions on his Fatwa and Husam al-Haramayn + Al-Dawlatul Makkiyyah and Endorsements + Return From Hajj

53 Years: Collection of Poetry Hadaiq-e-Bakhshish in 2 Volumes

54 Years: Jadd al-Mumtar, A gloss on Radd al-Muhtar in 5 Volumes + Tamheed-e-Iman

58 Years: Translation of the Qur'an: Kanzul Iman

62 Years: Refusal to Attend a British Court and Exemption

64 Years: Establishment of Organization: Raza-e-Mustafa

66 Years: Refutation of Albert Porta’s Doomsday Prediction

67 Years: Illness and relocation to Nainital in Ramadan

68 Years: Passing Away on 25th Safar 1340 / 28th October 1921

Note: Imam Ahmad Raza’s age according to the lunar calendar is 68 years and the solar calendar is 65 years. Age computed above is according to the lunar calendar.


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