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Mar 10, 2015

The Sawab of Charity Daily

If someone borrowed money from you and did not pay back within the agreed period of time, you should not get disappointed. You will get a daily Sawab of donating that amount of money as charity (Sadaqah) in sha Allah.

Once, someone said to AlaHazrat (Alayhir Rahmah), "I have given some debt to a person but he does not return." AlaHazrat (Alayhir Rahmah) said, "In the present era, it is unlikely to recover debt from someone; people owe me 1,400 rupees! While giving them debt, I made up my mind that if they paid back, it would be all right, otherwise, I would not ask them to return. To date, none of them returned even a single penny. I do not forgive such debt. Its reason is that a hadith states:

'If a person lent money to someone and the agreed date of return passes, he gets a daily Sawab (reward) of donating the amount of debt as charity.' [Majma’ az-Zawaid, Vol. 4, Page 242, Hadith 6676]

This is why I gave the money as a debt instead of a gift! Otherwise, how would I be able to donate 1,400 rupees daily?” [Al-Malfuz, Vol. 1, Page 40]


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