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May 14, 2015

Arsh e Haqq Hai + English Translation

Arsh-e-Haqq hai masnad-e-rif’at Rasoolallah Ki
Dekhni hai Hashr mein Izzat Rasoolullah ki

The Throne of the Almighty is the exalted seat of Allah’s Apostle,
Upon resurrection. we wish to behold the esteem of Allah’s Apostle!

Qabr mein lehraengey ta Hashr chashme noor key
Jalwah farma hogi jab tal’at Rasoolullah ki

Streams of light shall flow in the grave until resurrection,
From the moment it is graced by the radiance of Allah’s Apostle!

Hum bhikaari woh Kareem, un ka Khudaa Un se fazoon
Aur naa kehna nahee aadat Rasoolullah ki

We beg from him, the generous, and his God more Magnanimous than him,
And saying “No” to the beggar, is not the habit of Allah’s Apostle!

Laa - wa Rabb -ilArsh jis ko jo mila un sey mila
Bat-ti hai kaunain me ne’mat Rasoolullah ki

No, by the Lord of the Throne! Whoever received anything, got it from him!
Being dispensed in both the worlds is the grace of Allah’s Apostle!

Wo Jahannam me gayaa jo un sey mustaghni huwa
Hai Khalleelullah ko haajat Rasoolullah ki

Hell is the abode of the one who becomes independent of him,

Allah’s Close Friend has a need from Allah’s Apostle!

Sooraj ultey paaon paltey, chaand ishaare se ho chaak
andhey Najdi dekh ley qudrat Rasoolullah ki

The sun retraces its steps and the moon splits with just a gesture,

O the blind heretic of Najd, behold the powers of Allah’s Apostle!

Tujhse aur Jannat se kya matlab Wahabi door ho
Hum Rasoolullah ke, jannat Rasoolullah ki

What is your connection with Paradise, O Wahhabi? Stay away!

We are the slaves of Allah’s Apostle, Paradise the estate of Allah’s Apostle!

Ahle Sunnat ka hai bedaa paar as’haab e huzoor
Najm hain aur Naao hai Itrat Rasoolullah ki

The nation of Ahle-Sunnah shall succeed, for the Prophet’s Companions
Are its guiding stars, and its ship the progeny of Allah’s Apostle!

Toot jaaenge gunahgaron key fauran qaed-o-bund
Hashr mein khul jaaegi taaqat Rasoolullah ki

In a flash will the fetters & chains of sinners break open,
Unveiled upon Resurrection will be the strength of Allah’s Apostle!

Ay Raza khud Saahibe Quran hai muddaahe Huzoor
Tujhse kab mumkin hai phir midhat Rasoolullah ki

O Raza, the Owner of the Qur’an is Himself the Glorifier of the Prophet!
So how is it possible for you to rightfully praise Allah’s Apostle?

- - -
Penned By:
Imaam Ahle-Sunnat Ala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan (Allah’s Mercy Be upon him)

English Translation By:
Mawlana Aqib alQadri


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