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Mar 8, 2016

Daagh e Furqat e Taiba + English Translation

داغ فرقت طیبہ قلب مضمحل جاتا
کاش گنبد خضراء دیکھنے کو مل جاتا

The stain of Taiba's seperation has made the heart to quiver.
How I wish I would have seen the Green Dome.

دم مرا نکل جاتا ان کے آستانے پر
ان کے آستانے کی خاک میں میں مل جاتا
My breath would escape at HIS doorstep.
I would become mixed with the dust at HIS doorstep.

میرے دل سے رھل جاتا داغ فرقت طیبہ
طیبہ میں فنا ہو کر طیبہ ہی میں مل جاتا
My heart would be washed from the stain of Taiba's seperation .
Being annihilated in Taiba, I would become part of Taiba.

موت لے کے آجاتی زندگی مدینے میں
موت سے گلے مل کر زندگی میں مل جاتا
Death would bring with it new life in Madina.
Embracing death, I would become joined with life.

خلد زار طیبہ کا اس طرح سفر ہوتا
پیچھے پیچھے سر جاتا آگے آگے دل جاتا
The journey to the heaven of Taiba would be such.
The head would retreat backwards, the heart would surge forward.

دل پہ جب کرن پڑتی ان کے سبز گنبد کی
اس کی سبز رنگت سے باغ بن کے کھل جاتا
When the ray from HIS Green Dome would fall on the heart.
With its greenness, a garden would emerge blossoming.

فرقت مدینہ نہ وہ دیے مجھے صدمے
کوہ پر اگر پڑتے کوہ بھی تو ہل جاتا
The seperation from Madina has struck me with such griefs.
Would they be placed on a mountain, it too would shake.

دل مرا بچھا ہوتا ان کی رہ گزاروں میں
ان کے نقش پا سے یوں مل کے مستقل جاتا
My heart would be spread on the ways of HIS path.
On HIS footprint, it would join and become firm.

دل پہ وہ قدم رکھتے نقش پا یہ دل بنتا
یا تو خاک پا بن کر پا سے متصل جاتا
HE would place HIS foot on the heart, this heart would become its print.
Or else becoming the foot's dust, it would become adjoined to it.

وہ خرام فرماتے میرے دیدہ و دل پر 
دیدہ میں فدا کرتا صدقے میرا دل جاتا
HE would gracefully walk on my eyes and heart.
I would sacrifice my sight, my heart would go as charity.

چشم تر وہاں بہتی دل کا مدعا کہتی 
آہ با ادب رہتی مونھ میرا سہل جاتا
Tearful eyes would shed there stating the hearts object.
Oh they would stay in respect, my face would remain simple.

در پہ دل جھکا ہوتا اذن پاکے پھر بڑھتا
ہر گناہ یاد آتا دل خجل خجل جاتا
At the Door my heart would bow, soughting permission it would then proceed.
Every sin would be remembered, my heart would fall in shame.

میرے دل میں بس جاتا جلوہ زار طیبہ کا 
داغ فرقت طیبہ پھول بن کے کھل جاتا
In my heart would settle the display of Taiba's fields.
The stain of Taiba's seperation would become a flower and bloom.

ان کے در پہ اختر کی حسرتیں ہوئیں پوری
سائل در اقدس کیسے منفعل جاتا
At HIS Door, the wishes of Ãkhtar were fulfilled.
How can a beggar of the Holy Court turn away in shame.

~تاج الشريعة مفتي محمد اختر رضا خان  قادری ازهري
ترجمہ: فقير  برھان خمیسا


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