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Mar 8, 2016

Kis Ke Jalwe Ki Jhalak Hai + English Translation

Kis Ke Jalwe Ki Jhalak Hai Ye Ujaala Kya Hai
Har Taraf Deeda-e-Hairat Zadah Takta Kya Hai

This is the glimpse of whose majesty? O what is this intense light?
Bewildered, in every direction why do you turn your sight?

Maang Man Manti Munh Maangi Muraade Le Gaa
Na YahaaN Na Hai Na Mangta Se Ye Kahna Kya Hai

Ask whatever your heart wishes, you shall get whatever you desire!
For there is no “No” here, nor is the beggar told, “Why are you here?”

Pand Kadvi Lage, Naaseh Se Tarash Ho Ay Nafs,
Zehr-e-IsyaaN Mein Sitamgar Tujhey Meetha Kya Hai

Advice tastes bitter, and the advisor makes you sour O self!
From the poison of sins, what seems sweet to you, O my cruel self?

Hum HaiN Unke Wo HaiN Tere To Huve Hum Tere
Is Se Badhkar Teri Samt Aur Waseela Kya Hai

We are the slaves of the Prophet and he is Yours, hence we too belong to You!
O Lord! Is there any mediation greater than this towards You?

Un Ki Ummat Me Banaaya UnheiN Rahmat Bheja
YuN Na Farma Ke Tera Raham Me Dawa Kya Hai

You created us in his nation, and sent him as a mercy towards us!
‘What is your claim on mercy?’ O, do not say this to us!

Sadqah Pyare Ki Hayaa Kaa Keh Na La Mujhse Hisab
Baqsh Be Poochhe Lajaaye Ko Lajaana Kya Hai

For the sake of the beloved’s modesty, do not take my account!
Why shame the already ashamed one? Just forgive, without taking account!

Zaahid Un Ka Mai Gunahgaar Wo Mere Shaafey
Itni Nisbat Mujhe Kya Kam Hai Tu Samjha Kya Hai

O the pious one! I am his sinner and he shall intercede for me!
What is your assumption? Is this relation not enough for me?

Bebasi Ho Jo Mujhe Pursish-e-Aamaal Ke Waqt
Dosto Kya KahuN Us Waqt Tamanna Kya Hai

Were I to be helpless when my deeds are under review!
Then what is my desire? O friends, how shall I describe it to you?

Kash Fariyad Meri Sun Ke Yeh Farmaye Huzoor
Haan Koi Dekho Ye Kya Shor Hai Ghaugha Kya Hai

If only does the Master so command, when I desperately call out!
“Go and check, what is this clamor, what is the commotion about?”

Kaun Aafat Zadah Hai Kis Pe Balaa Tooti Hai
Kis Musibat Me Gariftaar Hai Sadma Kya Hai

“Who is the unfortunate person, upon who has descended the calamity?
What difficulty is he trapped in? What is the tragedy?”

Kis Se Kahta Hai Ke Lillah Khabar Leeje Meri
KyuN Hai Betab Ye Be Chaini Ka Rona Kya Hai

“To whom does he say, ‘For the sake of Allah! Take care of me!’
Why is he in such anguish? Why does he weep so bitterly?”

Us Ki Bechaini Se Hai Khatir-e-Aqdas Pe Malal
Bekasi Kaisi Hai Puchho Koi Guzra Kya Hai

“My tranquil heart is pained because of his distress!
Someone ask him, ‘Why are you so helpless, what has taken place?’ ”

YuN Malaik KareiN Maaroz Ke Aqa Ek Mujrim Hai
Is Se Pursish Hai Bata Tune Kiya Kya Kya Hai

The angels then respectfully reply: “O Master, it is an offender!
He is being questioned, ‘Show us all what is in your deed register’.”

Saamna Qahar Ka Hai Daftar-e-Aamal HaiN Pesh
Dar Raha Hai Ke Khuda Hukm Sunata Kya Hai

“He could face punishment, his deed register is ready for inspection!
He dreads the announcement – what will be the Lord’s decision!”

Aap Se Karta Hai Faryaad Ke Ya Shah-e-Rusul
Banda Bekas Hai Shaha Raham Me Waqfa Kya Hai

“And he pleads to you that, ‘O, The King of The Noble Messengers!
O King! What delays you from showing mercy, your slave is helpless!’ ”

Ab Koi Dam Me Gariftar-e-Bala Hota HuN
Aap AajayeiN Aaqa To Kya Khauf Hai Khatka Kya Hai

“ ‘I could be caught any moment, the calamity is near!
Were you to come, I shall have nothing to worry, nothing to fear!’ ”

Sun Ke Ye Arz Meri Bahr-e-Karam Josh Me Aai
Yu Malaik Ko Ho Irshaad Theherna Kya Hai

Hearing this plea of mine, may rise up the sea of compassion!
And the angels be commanded, “Wait! What’s going on?”

Kis Ko Tum Moorid-e-Aafaat Kiya Chaahte Ho
Hum Bhi To Aake Zara DekheiN Tamaasha Kya Hai

“Who is it that you wish to consign to the torments?
Let me come and inspect, what’s the disturbance!”

Un Ki Aawaaz Pe Kar UthuN Mai Be Sakhta Shor
Aur Tadap Kar KahuN Ab Mujhe Parwa Kya Hai

Upon hearing his voice may I spontaneously cry out!
And exclaim in ecstasy, ‘There is nothing I have to worry about!’

Lo Wo Aaya Mera Haami, Mera GumKhwaar-E-Umam
Aa gayi Jaan Tane Be Jaan Me Ye Aana Kya Hai

‘Look! Here comes my Supporter, for all the nations my Compassionate one!
A new life is infused into my lifeless body, O how great is this restoration!’

Phir Mujhe Daman-e-Aqdas Me Chupaa leiN Sarwar
Aur FarmayeiN Hato Is Pe Taqaaza Kya Hai

Then may my Master cover me in his mantle so blessed,
And proclaim, ‘Be aside! What do want from him, what is the demand?”

Banda Aazad Shudah Hai Ye Hamaare Dar Ka
Kaisa Letey Ho Hisaab Is Pe Tumhaara Kya Hai

“He is a servant freed from the noble doorstep of ours!
How dare you question? Upon him, what is the claim of yours?”

Chorr Kar Mujh Ko Farishtey KaheiN Mahkoom HaiN Hum
Hukm Waala Ki Na Taameel Ho Zuhra Kya Hai

Letting me go the angels then reply, “We are here to obey!
How can your noble command not be carried out? We cannot dare!”

Ye Samaa Dekh Ke Mahshar Me Uthe Shor Ke Waah!
Chashm-e-Bad Door Ho Kya Shaan Hai Rutba Kya Hai

Seeing this a huge cheer then rings out in the field of Resurrection,
May he be protected from evil eyes! How great is he, how high is his station!

Sadqe Us Raham Ke Is Saaya-e-Daaman Pe Nisar
Apne Bande Ko Musibat Se Bachaya Kya Hai

May I be sacrificed upon such mercy, and upon the shade of his attire!
How wonderfully has he saved his slave from the hell-fire.

Ay Raza Jaan-e-Anaadil Tere Nagmon Ke Nisar
Bulbul-e-Baagh-e-Madina Tera Kahna Kya Hai

O ‘Raza’! The nightingales wish to be sacrificed upon your writings!
The Nightingale Of The Garden Of Medinah’, how wonderful are your sayings!

All Praise is for Allah. Infinite blessings and salutations of peace be upon the Noble Prophet and our Master, Syeduna Mohammed, his virtuous noble wives, his noble progeny, his noble companions and all those who rightly follow him, until the Last Day.

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