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Apr 10, 2016

Fasts In The Month Of Rajab

It is reported from Ummul Mo'mineen A'isha Siddiqa Radi Allāhu Anha that Rajab is a very sacred month. In this month Almighty Allāh Subhānahu Wa Ta'ālā exalts the good deeds by many folds, so if one kept a single fast in this month, it is as though he has fasted for the entire year, and for one who keeps seven fasts(in this month), then all seven doors of Hell will be closed for him, and for the one who keeps eight fasts (in this month), then all eight doors of Jannat (Paradise) will be opened unto him, and the one who keeps ten fasts (in this month) will receive whatever he asks for from Almighty Allāh Subhānahu Wa Ta'ālā: and for the one who keeps fifteen fasts (in this month), then from the skies a caller will announce, All your past sins have been forgiven, Now continue to perform virtuous deeds.

[Baihaqi Sha'bul Imaan]


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