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Oct 10, 2016

Ruling Upon The Rafidhi (Shia)

The undeniable, definite, consensual ruling upon the Rafidhi Tabarrai is thus:

They are generally infidels and apostates. The meat slaughtered by them is dead carrion and marrying them is not only Haram, but in fact purely adultery. Allah forbid – if the male is a Rafidhi and the female is a Muslim (Sunni), then it is [invoking] the wrath of Allah. If, however, the male is a Sunni and the female is from among these malevolent, then still, the nikah is void; it is purely adultery; the children will be children of adultery; and they will not acquire the inheritance of the father, even if they are Sunni, as according to the Shariah, a child of adultery has no father. The woman also does not deserve any portion of the inheritance nor dowry as, for the adulterator, there is no dowry. Rafidhis cannot attain a portion of the inheritance from their close relatives, even if it may be their father or son, or mother or daughter. Let alone a Sunni or a Muslim, even a kafir, in fact, even their own Rafidhi fellows – they have no part in the inheritance. It is major sin and Haram to mingle with their laymen and scholars, and to meet and greet them, or to converse with them.

He who, after being aware of these accursed beliefs, deems them to be Muslims or bears doubts in their disbelief, then according to the consensus of all scholars, is himself a kafir, apostate; and for such a person the same rulings as mentioned for them above apply. It is obligatory upon Muslims to listen to this edict assiduously and become truthful and upright Muslims by acting upon it. From Allah is the ability, and Allah, the Glorious and Almighty knows best.

[Fatawa Radawiyyah, Vol. 14, Page 268]


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