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Oct 29, 2014

Gems Of Wisdom by Sayyiduna Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu Anhu wa Ardah)

» Dishonored is he, who is a Miser.

» If you wish to become a leader then make action and movement, toil and labour your business.

» I prefer martyrdom, instead of living a life under these oppressors for such a life is also a crime.

» Do not fear that which you do not understand, not cannot attain.

» Do not keep high hopes for any remuneration for work which is more than necessary.

» If you know the results of a job will be difficult, then do not take its responsibilities upon your shoulders.

» The highest status amongst the forgiving is of that person who has all the power to avenge himself yet he adopts to forgive.

» All the people whom I loved have departed from this World and I am left amongst those whom I don’t like.

» The best use of wealth is to modestly and honorably resolve it.

» When people in need come to you, then think that this is the grace of Allah and fulfill their needs.

» One who shows kindness will be a leader and one who is miserly will be disgraced.

» Think of splendor and piety as bounties and strive to achieve this very quickly.

» The World has changed colors and it has been deprived of good, Is there nobody that would stop the oppressor from oppression, The time has come for the Mu'min to come forth and to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah.


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