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Oct 3, 2014

The Death Of A Friend (Wali) Of Allah


Hazrat Tameem Daari Radi Allahu Anhu said that Rasoolullah Sall Alahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said, Almighty Allah says that, ‘O Malak ul Maut!  Go to my Wali and bring him, for I have tested him with (both) distress and consolation, and I found him to be as it pleases Me, so I wish to grant him relief from the distresses of the world’.  Malak ul Maut takes with him a Jama’at of five hundred (500) Angels.  They carry with them the fragrant Kafan (shroud) of Jannat and stems with flowers, from which emanate a variety of fragrances, these flowers are of various colours.  They also have in their possession white silk that has been immersed in Musk.  Malak ul Maut then sits down with the Angels (near him).  Each Angel keeps its hands on one of his limbs (meaning on every limb of the Wali is the hand of an Angel).  Then the silken fabric immersed in musk is placed under his chin, and one of the Doors towards Jannat is opened unto him.  Now, his heart becomes inclined towards Jannat.  He is sometimes engrossed in the Maidens of Jannat, and sometimes towards the heavenly Robes, and at times observing the fruits of Jannat.  Just as people in a house comfort a crying child, likewise, his heart is comforted and his Jannati wives become pleased during this time, and his soul rejoices.  The Angel says, ‘O Pure Soul!  Go towards the wonderful trees, expanded shades and flowing waters (rivers).’  Malak ul Maut shows more affection towards him than a mother (would show).  He (Malak ul Maut) knows that this soul is Beloved to Allah, so by being gentle on that soul, he is seeking the pleasure of Allah.  His Ruh (soul) leaves (the body) just as a strand of hair is removed from flour.  

He said, here his soul leaves and there all the Angels say, 

‘Peace be upon you. Enter into Jannat,  (Which is) the reward for your deeds’ 

[Part 14, Surah An-Nahl, Verse 32] 

This is the essence of the command of Almighty Allah, ‘To Those whom the Angel causes death in a pure state.’ 


In another instance it is mentioned, that if it is a Momin, then he will be blessed with the comfort, fragrance, and with Jannat that is full of bounties.  It is mentioned that when Malak ul Maut removes the soul (of such a person), the Ruh congratulates the body and says, ‘O Body!  You always took me swiftly towards the obedience of Almighty Allah and you kept me away from sinning, so today glad tidings to you, for you saved not only yourself, but also you have saved me as well.’  The body also says the same to the soul, and the portions of earth on which a pious person performed Ibaadat will weep over him, and every Door of the Sky through which his good deeds  ascended and that Door from which his sustenance descended, weep over him for forty (40) days.  When his soul is removed, five hundred Angels stand near him.  When people wish to turn him to a particular side, the Angels turn him to that side before they do, and even before the humans shroud him in Kafan, they adorn him with their Kafan (Shroud).  Before they (the people) put fragrance onto him, they perfume him, from the door of his house up to the Door of his grave, two well conducted lines of Angels stand, and they make Istighfaar for him.  At this time, shaitaan shrieks so loudly that it causes some bones of the deceased to break.  Shaitaan says to his army, ‘Woe to you!  How was this servant saved (i.e. how did he receive salvation)?’  They say, ‘He was protected from committing sins.’  When Malak ul Maut ascends with his soul into the sky, Jibra’eel peAce Be Upon Him welcomes him with seventy thousand Angels.  Every Angel gives glad tidings to this (fortunate) person.  When Malak ul Maut reaches the proximity of the Arsh with this soul, the soul falls into Sajdah in the Court of Allah.  Allah Almighty (then) says to Malak ul Maut, ‘Take the soul of My servant and place it in the green fresh trees and in the flowing water (rivers).’ 

[Sharh us Sudoor Bi Sharhi Haalil Mauta Wal Quboor]


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