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Sep 19, 2014

The Creation Of Prophet Adam (Peace Be Upon Him)

Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radi Allahu Anhu reported that when Almighty Allah willed to create Hazrat Adam (Peace Be Upon Him).
He commanded one of the Angels who carries the Arsh, to go down to Earth and bring some sand.  When the Angel reached the earth and intended to take the sand, the earth said to the Angel, ‘I give you the Oath of He who sent you towards me, that you should not take my sand, so that tomorrow it would not have to burn in the fire.’  When the Angel returned to the Divine Court of Allah, he was asked the reason for not bringing the sand (from earth)?  The Angel mentioned the words of the Earth and said, ‘O Allah!  When it took the Qasm of your Majesty, I left it behind.’  Almighty Allah then sent another Angel, and the same happened with him, until (finally) Almighty Allah sent Hazrat Malak ul Maut (Peace Be Upon Him).
The earth gave him the exact same response, so he said, ‘O Earth!  The One who has sent me towards you is more worthy of being Obeyed, compared to you, so how can I listen to you, when He has given me a command?’ Hence, he took sand from different parts of the earth and presented it in the Court of Allah, so Allah moulded it with the water of Jannat and it became mud (clay), and from it, Almighty Allah created Hazrat Adam (Peace Be Upon Him). 

[Sharh us Sudoor Bi Sharhi Haalil Mauta Wal Quboor]


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