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Feb 6, 2016

Difficult - By Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu Alaihi Rahma + English Translation

DIFFICULT.. by Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu Sultan Al Aarifeen Alayhirrahmah.

Rah de wich khalona okha
Apna ap lukona okha

To stand outside is difficult,
To go into seclusion is difficult.

Eni wadh gai dunya-dari
Kallyan beh ke rona okha

The worldly desires have taken over,
To sit alone and cry is difficult.

Kallyan ishq kamana okha
Kisy nu yaar banana okha

To fall in love without a Beloved is difficult,
Finding a true beloved is difficult.

Piyaar piyaar te har koi bole
Kar ke piyar nibhana okha

Everyone speaks of love,
But to sacrifice everything in love is difficult.

Dukhaan te har koi has lenda
Kisy da dard wandona okha

One can laugh at ones own problems,
To share someone else's pain is difficult.

Galaan nal nai rutbey milday
Sufi bhais watona okha

One cannot attain status through just words,
To tread the path of true Sufis is difficult.

Koi kisy di gal nai sunda
Lokaan nu samjhona okha...

No one listens to anyone anymore,
To explain to the people is difficult.

Dagh mohabbat wala BAHU
Lag javay te dhona okha

Once one falls in Love O. Bahu.
To spend a moment without the Beloved is Difficult

Taken from Kalaam e Bahu Alayhirrahmah.

Translated by:
Khalifa e Allama Sayyid Shah Turāb ul Haq Qādri Daamat Barkaathumul Aaliyah, Maulana Shakeel e Millat Qadiri Ridawi Sahib Qibla Daamat Barkaathumul Aaliyah.


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