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Feb 15, 2016

Farishte Jis Ke Zaaie Haiñ (English Translation)

The destination of the angels is the shrine in Medina, Ranking higher than the Great Throne, is this shrine in Medina.

Can the gardens even compare with the plains of Medina?
The bloom of Paradise envies the air of Medina!

Guaranteed is the safety of all, upon the safety of Medina,
May Allah preserve the city, sufficient for us is Medina!

The beauty of every garden is the garden of Medina,
The blossoms of Paradise too, are due to Medina!

What is the need to roam in Paradise, leaving Medina?
A living Paradise, nay better than Paradise is Medina!

Not just we, even the truthful Lord loves Medina,
A sign of love for the beloved, is the love of Medina!

What does the city look like? O Lord, show us Medina!
Where it rains mercy upon mercy, the city of mercy Medina!

Lost is the aroma of Paradise, if you abandon Medina,
Gained is Paradise itself, if you have love for Medina!

He is Mohammad on earth, and Ahmed in the skies,
Praised in both the worlds, is the master of Medina!

He reigns in this world, and is obeyed even in the heavens,
He governs both the worlds, the capital is Medina!

You wronged yourself, O Akhtar, why did you leave Medina?
Even the angels long for it- such is the Paradise called Medina!

So why should you, O Akhtar, go to Paradise leaving Medina?
For all the bestowals, not just Paradise, are due to Medina!


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