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Feb 4, 2016

Distressed Person Will Forget All Troubles

The Prophet of Rahmah (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) has stated: On the Day of Judgement, that Hell-dweller will be brought who had been bestowed the greatest number of worldly blessings. He will be dipped once in Hell and asked, ‘O man! Did you ever see any goodness? Did you ever enjoy any blessing?’ He would say, ‘I swear by Allah! No.’

Then that Jannah-dweller will be brought who led the most miserable life in the world and he would be dipped once in Jannah and he will then be asked, ‘O man! Did you ever experience any hardship? Did you ever experience any severity?’ He would say, ‘I swear by Allah! O my Rab! Never, I have never faced any hardship and I have never experienced any severity.’

— — —
Sahih Muslim, Page 1508, Hadith 2807

Allahu Akbar! Worldly comforts are nothing in comparison to the punishment of the Hereafter. Just a mere gust of wind from Hell will make people forget their lifelong comforts and pleasures; similar is the situation with regards worldly troubles and sufferings compared to the blessing of the Hereafter. A single brief visit to Jannah will make people forget lifelong distress and sufferings. The distressed person, having forgotten all his sorrow, will deem that he had never experienced any adversity or suffering. SubhanAllah!!


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