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Jan 9, 2014

The Permissibility Of Flags

QUESTION:- Flags are often carried at the end of a flagpole when marching towards the Eid Gaah, Urs area, or at the place where Salaat ul Istisqa is being performed. Is it permissible to do this?

ANSWER :- In the said case, to carry a flag is permissible. There is no actual evidence of Shariah which prohibits this practice. However, if this is done with improper intent, then it is objectionable.

It has been seen and heard of in towns like Gujarat and Kathiyawar etc. that the carrying of the flag is accompanied by music, whilst in other places people carry goats and sheep etc. which they later make Zibah and eat.

The playing of music is definitely an action which is haraam, and the carrying of animals etc. in this way is harmful to ones faith. The carrying of the flag will be a means of great destruction if accompanied by such improper actions. In such a case, the firmness of the Shariah is applied and it becomes Waajib to stop such actions.

Muslims should refrain from such corrupt practices and try their level best to put an end to this. For those who try to stop the improper practices, they will be blessed by Almighty Allah with much reward.

However, if none of the improper practices are present, then to carry the flag towards the Eid Gaah etc. is not an objectionable practice.

I am presenting a decree of the Revivalist of the Century, Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan radi Allahu anhu for your knowledge, and I feel that this is sufficient to answer the said query. The decree is as follows:

Mas’ala :
Is it allowed to carry a flag towards the Eid Gaah or for Istisqa whilst reciting Naat and Qasidas etc.?

If the carrying of the flag is not accompanied by any other practice which is contrary to the Shariah, and it is done to gather the Muslims, and to show the sign of the unity of the believers, and there is no other bad innovation with this, then to carry the flag towards the Eid Gaah is permissible and Mubah without a doubt. There is also no evidence in refutation of this practice in the light of Shariah, and this alone is sufficient for it to be permissible.

It is in Bukhari that once someone asked Hazrat Abdullah ibn Ab’bas radi Allahu anhu if he had ever gone to the Eid Gaah with the Prophet  and he said:

“Yes I did. This was because of the love that the Prophet  possessed for me, if not I was too young to go with (Him ).”

He then said, “The Prophet  would go towards the Eid Gaah, until he reached the flag, which was planted beside the home of Katheer ibn Salat. He  would first lead the prayer and then deliver the Khutbah.”

The Ulama have stated that the flag was there as a sign. They also say that Hazrat ibn Ab’bas radi Allahu anhu spoke of the flag particularly so that its presence is known.

It is in Irshaadus Saari: “The flag is like a sign and the manner then was that the flag used to be taken to the Eid Gaah on the day of Eid, and then brought back afterwards.” This statement is important evidence in the case of the Eids.

This proves that to carry the flag is allowed as long as this does not include any improper and objectionable practice in the light of Shariah, like many people do whilst carrying the flag in the month of Muharram. One should refrain from places where this practice is done with other wrong practices, unless one goes there to explain to those responsible, as this is the means of fitna and harm to ones Aqida. The truth of the matter is that we may be able to explain to one or two persons, and not to every person, but as we know, there are those who do not listen, even after being explained. In such cases, it is better not to get involved in unnecessary discussion, just as it is evident from the Hadith.

~ an Extract from Interpretation Of The Sunnah[Eedaah e Sunnat] By Haami-us-Sunan Khalifa-e-Aala Hazrat Allama Maulana Maulvi Mahmood Jaan Saaheb Sunni Hanafi Qaadiri Barakaati Razvi Peshawari


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