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Jan 7, 2014

Authorisation For A Fatwa?

Who Was Authorised to Give A Fatwa During Earlier Times?

Imam Hafiz al Hadith Yahya bin Maeen (d. 233 AH) was asked:

"Can a person give Fatwa from 1,00,000 Hadiths?" He replied: "No!". I asked: "From 2,00,000 Hadiths?" He replied: "No!". I then said: "From 3,00,000 Hadiths?" He replied: "No!". I then asked: "From 5,00,000 Hadiths?" He replied: "I Hope So!"

[Al Jaami' by Imam Khatib Baghdadi, Vol. 2, Page 174]

This saying exhibits the Knowledge which the Mujtahid Imams like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafai, Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, and others from the Fuqaha had in those days. And it was their pious personalities which were agreed upon by the Muhaddithin to give a Fatwa. But, nowadays, a mere Hadith reader is Giving Baseless Opinions and ridiculing the Taqlid of Mujtahid Imams who had knowledge of more than 5,00,000 Hadiths.

May Allah Almighty save us from the Fitnah of Salafiya and like minded groups. Aameen!!


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