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Mar 7, 2014

Attaining Closeness to Allah

Every true believer longs to attain closeness to Almighty Allah. This however, cannot be attained by simply longing without making true effort and have full faith in the Mercy of Allah. If a person wishes to attain closeness to Allah, he should try to fulfil his Obligations in the Court of Allah, and most importantly he should truly love the Beloved Rasool (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam). Nowadays, we speak about wanting to become close to our Creator, but sadly many of us are so lost and drowned in the Duniya and the materialistic vices of this Duniya, that we are unable to take the first true step towards Spiritual Excellence. If we carefully observe and examine the lives and the wise words of the true and pious servants of Allah, we will learn that this is not an easy path, but it is one which a servant attains by the Grace and Mercy of Allah. I would like to present two incidents related to two Great Sufis and Imams of Spiritualism in their Eras, so that we may better understand the meaning of ‘Attaining Closeness to Allah’. I pray that after reading both these blessed incidents, each one of us will attempt to reflect on our lives this far and think about what it is that we really should be doing.

1. Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham (radi Allahu anhu) once asked a person, “Do you wish to become a pious servant of Allah?" He said, “Yes (I do)”. He said, ‘Do not attach yourself to anything from this world or the hereafter, and keep yourself totally free for Allah, and do not only turn towards Allah (i.e. the remembrance of Allah) with your face, but turn your entire existence towards Allah (i.e. Allah’s remembrance), so that He may place his special attention upon you, and so that He may make you His Friend (i.e. His Beloved).”

2. In the time of Hazrat Zun’noon Misri (radi Allahu anhu) there was a very competent pious Tabeeb (Physician). Throngs of men and women alike would visit him in their illness, and he would diagnose (their illness) and prescribe excellent medicine for their illnesses. Hence, the people were very pleased with his treatment.

Once, Hazrat Zun’noon Misri (radi Allahu Anhu) consulted with him, and asked, ‘Do you also have a treatment for sinning?’ The Tabeeb (remained silent for a while) and then said, ‘If I give you the treatment (i.e. the prescription) for this purpose, will you be able to understand it?’

Hazrat Zun’noon replied, ‘In Sha Allah, I will try to understand it.’ So, the Tabeeb said, ‘To treat the (disease) of sinning, you will first need to gather a few ingredients, so listen to the details carefully. (You will require): The Seeds of Sabr (Patience); the leaves of Gratitude (Shukr); The peels (wrappings) of humility and politeness; the oil of Awe (True Fear); and the concentrate of love, warmth and truthfulness. You must then put all of this into the Vessel of Shariat, and underneath it you should burn the fire of true longing, slowly stirring it with the ladle of Brilliance, until the effervescence of wisdom comes to the surface. Now move this out by the cleansing of your thoughts. When this becomes pure, pour it into the goblet of Remembrance (Zikr), and strain it with the filter of pleasure. Thereafter dilute it in shame, repentance and (reflection on your deeds), and drink it whilst sitting in complete seclusion. Thereafter, rinse with the water of faithfulness, and always perform the Miswaak (i.e. cleansing) by virtue of fear and hunger. Also (remember to) partake in the fruits of contentment; and in order to keep the face clean (and glowing), wear the stole of abstention from any other than Allah. If one does this, In Sha Allah, the disease of sinning will fade away, and you will attain closeness to Almighty Allah.


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