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Mar 30, 2014

What do we want: Heaven or Hell?

Sayyiduna Ibrahim Taymi (Alayhir Rahmah) stated: Once, I imagined that I am in Hell, tightly strapped by the chains of fire, eating cactus and sipping the pus of the people in Hell. After those contemplations, I enquired from my Nafs, ‘Tell me, what do you desire: the torment of Hell or deliverance from Hell?’ My Nafs answered, ‘Deliverance. I want to go back to the world and perform such deeds by virtue of which I can be exempted from Hell.’

After that, I contemplated that I am in Heaven, eating its fruits, drinking beverages from its rivers, and meeting with the Hoors (pure maidens). After those imaginations, I questioned my Nafs, ‘What do you desire: Heaven or Hell?’ My Nafs answered, ‘Heaven. I want to go to the world and perform good deeds so that I can avail the bounties of Paradise.’ [Hilyat al-Awliya, Vol. 4, Page 235, #Hadith 5361]

Dear Readers! We have the opportunity right now. We have to determine our path, either we rectify ourselves and go to Heaven or do sins and go to the Hell. Therefore, we should sow what we want to reap.


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