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Mar 21, 2014

The Reward For Your Deeds

Hazrat Tameem Daari (radi Allahu anhu) reports that Rasoolullah (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) said that, Almighty Allah says, ‘O Malak ul Maut (Angel of Death)! Go to my Wali and bring him (towards me), for I have tested him with (both) distress and consolation, and I found him to be as it pleases Me, so I wish to grant him relief from the distresses of the world. So, Malak ul Maut takes with him a Jama’at of five hundred (500) Angels. These Angels carry with them the fragrant Kafan (shroud) of Jannat and flowery stems, containing various coloured flowers, from which emanate a variety of fragrances. They also take with them white silk which has been immersed in Musk. Malak ul Maut then sits down with the Angels (near him). Each Angel keeps his hands on one of his limbs (meaning on every limb of the Wali is the hand of an Angel). The silken fabric immersed in musk is then placed under his chin, and one of the Doors leading to Jannat is opened unto him. Now, his heart becomes engrossed (in the beauty and splendours of) Jannat. At times he is engrossed in the (beauty of the) Maidens of Jannat, and at times (he is engrossed in beauty of their) heavenly Robes, and at times he (is engrossed) in observing the fruits of Jannat. His heart is comforted, just as family members would comfort a crying child. His Jannati wives rejoice at this moment, and his soul (also) rejoices. The Angel says, O Pure Soul! Go towards the wonderful trees, expanded shades and flowing waters (rivers). Malak ul Maut shows more affection towards him than a mother (would show towards her child). He (Malak ul Maut) knows that this Soul is Beloved to Allah, so by being gentle on this soul, he is seeking the pleasure of Allah. His soul (now) leaves (the body) just as a strand of hair is removed from flour.’ He ﷺ (then) said, ‘As his soul leaves, all the Angels say, Peace be upon you. Enter Jannat, (which is) the reward for your deeds.’

Subhaan’Allah! What a splendid life they live, and what a splendid welcome they receive when the time comes for them to journey into the hereafter!


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