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Jan 19, 2016

Dhikr e Raza


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah al Rahman al Raheem 

“If I was to thank Allah Almighty continuously for this blessing, till the day of reckoning, it would still not be enough”.
Huzur Mufti Mahmood Jaan Alayhirrahmah 

This faqeer cannot thank Allah Almighty enough for the rewards, blessings and favours he has bestowed upon me, from amongst these there is one such blessing and favour that if I was to spend my whole life thanking Almighty Allah, it would not do justice.

Allah Almighty has made me from the Ummah of The Most Beloved Sall Allahu Alaihi wasallam and from the Ahlus Sunnah, and beyond this rewarded me, with what the tongue is unable to explain, and that is the blessing of being a servant of such a Murshid who is unique and alone in his Uloome Zaahiriyya and Uloome Baatiniyyah. 

The Imam e ahle Sunnat, Zubtadul Asfiyaa, Umdatul Awliya, Muhyi al Shariah wa Tareeqah, The Reviver of Islām, Grandmaster of Tafsīr, Hadīth and Fiqh, vanquisher of innovators and enemies of Religion, foremost defender of Faith and the Imām of Sunnis, Alahadrat Mowlana wa Sayyiduna Maulawi, Mufti Shah Ahmad Rida Khan Radi Allahu Ta'alaa Anhu.

The background to me becoming blessed with this treasure is as follows:

For an age, the thought would trouble my heart, that until I find the perfect murshid, perfect in all aspects of Shariah and Tareeqah, I would not give my hand to anyone in allegiance. 

There was a monthly magazine which used to be printed in Patna Azeem Abad, which was distributed by Molana Maulawi Abul Masakeen Muhammad Zia al Deen Sahib Peelibheeti, I stumbled across a copy and due to it being a true representation of our Maslak with interesting topics, I started to read with great satisfaction from cover to cover, I would wait eagerly for the next copy so that it would provide spiritual nourishment. 

After reading glimpses of knowledge from the great Imam I became sure in my heart that to find a Murshid of this calibre in this time is impossible. 

I became eager to see this ocean of knowledge, I travelled a great distance to Bareilly Shareef and presented myself in the blessed court.

My first glance fell upon the blessed face, my heart experienced bliss, my heart began to beat faster, it felt as though it would burst out of my chest with happiness, a lifetime of wishes had come true in an instant. 

That same day, the mountain of spirituality glanced his blessed gaze upon me, and accepted me as a servant and let me drink from the ocean of spirituality, and bestowed the crown of khilafat in the Salaasil of Qaadiriyyah, Chishtiyah Suharwardiyyah and Naqshbandiyah upon my head. 

Huzur Alahadrat's generosity and rewards were such that words cannot do justice. 

Upon leaving, he extended his blessing by giving me the blessed clothes he was wearing, the blessed Imaama Shareef, kurta, Angharka and Paijaama which were all, without doubt filled with blessings. 

Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat gave me khilafat in four Salaasil, therefore blessed me with four pieces of clothing. 

On the khilafat naama the words my Master which have been used in reference to this Faqeer, are such that if I was to be thankful all my life it would not be enough, Alhamdu lillah . 


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Faqeer Abdul Mustafa Ahmed Raza Sunni Hanafi Qaadiri Barkaati Barelwi gives my brother in Islam whom I love dearly Faazil e kaamil, Jaame al fadaail, Haamee e Sunnat, Maahi e Biddat, Molaana Mowlawi Muhammad Mahmood Jaan saahib Peshaawari Qadiri Barkaati resident of Jaam jhodpur, country kathyaawaar, 

I grant Ijazah in the following salaasil,

Qaadiriyyah, Chishtiya, Suharwardiyya, and Naqshbandiyah for all Adhkaar and Ashghaal and Auraad e khandaani .
After granting him these Ijazahs I grant him khilafat also. The above mentioned Maulana Sahib with the grace of Allah Almighty is side by side with me, with regard to Aqaaid and Mazaahib, Those from the Ahlussunah are requested to follow his sayings and guidance, with the grace of Allah Almighty you will find him steadfast. 

والحمد لله رب العالمين 

signed. احمد رضا البریلوی

The khilafat naama has just the signature of Alahadrat, the stamp had gone missing in those days. 

In Qaseedah al Istimdaad Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat listed his khulafaa, but for some reason my name was left out. 

About nine or ten months before Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat passed away I received a letter explaining that my name had been mistakenly left out, I say that this unintentional mistake was a blessing in disguise, because this letter of appreciation which I received, its each letter is worth more than many worldly treasures to me. 


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم نحمده و نصلي على رسوله الكريم 

For the attention of Molana, vanquisher of Fitnah and enemies of Religion, Foremost defender of Faith Molana Mahmood Jaan Saahib. 

Assalaam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu. Saith Sulaiman Uthman Sahib came to visit me but, at a time when I was extremely ill, I could not be hospitable enough.
My eye has been extremely painful for about four and a half months and this has prevented me from reading or writing anything, I listen to questions and dictate the replies. 

From the night of the twelfth my illness got extremely worse, to an extent I have never experienced before, I even got my will written but, Alhamdu lillah Allah Almighty granted me shifaa from this but I have become extremely weak, due to that episode . 

My body aches such that upon even travelling the distance to the Masjid the pain is unbearable. I am in need of your kind prayers, I pray for you and your family. 

Brother Sulaiman requested me for a taweez but nowadays I still am not writing anything so I thought the best I can do is to give him a special taweez for you which I had prepared for myself which has 784 columns, if I live and Allah Almighty wills I will write another for myself. 

The speciality of this taweez is blessing in wealth and as a means of blessing from Almighty Allah, it takes one full day to write this taweez. I have given brother Sulaiman such a thing, that it is the only thing I have ever prepared for myself in my whole life, and not given it anyone but you. Brother Molawee Ghulam Mustafa Sahib is well.
Please let me know of your well being, we normally meet annually but due to my illness and hectic schedule I forgot to add your name in the end of Qasidah al Istimdaad where I named my khulafaa.

Your name is worthy of being written in gold, after printing I realised my forgetfulness and due to this, I regret this even now. Please let me know of your well-being give my salaam to all .
As Salaam u alaikum.


فقير أحمد رضا قادري       ٤ ربيع الاخر 

Finally I would like to conclude with a karamat of Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat and that is at that time in my old age, only girls would be born year upon year, my heart would wish that a boy would be born. 

After the passing away of Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat I went to the chelum, upon leaving I went to his blessed court and grave and prayed to Allah Almighty that, for the sake of this blessed servant of yours bless me with a boy, to my astonishment a boy was born that very year and I named him Ahmed Raza . 

It is true that the true servants of Allah Almighty even after passing away spread their Fuyoozo Barakaat, actually even more than whilst they are alive . 


محمود جان القادری الرضوی طریقہ السنی الحنفی مذہبا الپشاوری مولدا الجام جود ھپوری کاٹھيا واری اقامہ 

Translated from Dhikr e Raza by
Khalifa e Allama Sayyid Shah Turāb ul Haq Qādri Daamat Barkaathumul Aaliyah, Maulana Shakeel e Millat Qadiri Ridawi Sahib Qibla Daamat Barkaathumul Aaliyah.


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