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Sep 4, 2016

Asking A Question & Questioning The Teacher

There is a huge difference between asking the teacher a question and questioning the teacher.

The student of knowledge should have awe for his/her teacher and should
respect him.
Rabee’ bin Sulaymaan was the companion and student of the great scholar, Imam Shaafee’i Radi Allahu Anhu and he [Rabee'] said, "By Allah, I was not
so bold as to drink water when Imam Shaafee’i was looking at me, out of awe of him." Imam Shaafee’i himself showed great awe of scholars and he said of
himself, "I would turn the pages very gently in front of Imaam Maalik, Radi Allah Anhu out of awe of him, so that he would not hear it.

Taalibe Dua
Maulana Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi


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