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Sep 4, 2016

The Salahs & Nights of the Buzurgaane Deen

Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughira Alayhirrahmah says :

I once saw Sayyiduna Malik Bin Dinaar Alaihirrahmah at night in his house.

He did not see me watching him.
Sayyiduna Malik Bin Dinar Alayhirrahmah performed wudu after the Isha Salah and Stood on The prayer mat with the intention of praying nawaafil.
I saw him standing holding his beard in his fist crying, he wept all night until Fajr.

It is said Sayyiduna Oveis Al Qarani Alayhirrahmah would stay in sajdah all night and every night.
He would only lift his head when he thought his bones would give way which would cause him to fall, due to his constant crying ..

Taken from Tanbeeh al Mughtareen li Imam Abdul Wahhaab Sha'raani Alayhirrahmah.

May Allah Almighty grant us the Towfeeq to Pray our Salah properly and on time.
May Allah Almighty grant us the towfeeq to cry in his court and Ask for Forgiveness .
May Allah Almighty Forgive us For The sake of The Most Beloved Sall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam.
May Allah Almighty keep us steadfast on Maslake Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat Radi Allahu Anhu till we breathe our last.

Aameen Thumma Aameen

Translated by Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi


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