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Sep 4, 2016

Rights Of The Learned Over You

The following is advice that Amir Al-Mu’mineen Ali bin Abee Taalib, Karram Allahu wajhahul Kareem gave: 
"From the rights of the learned over you is that:

You do not ask too many questions, 

You do not divulge his secrets,

You do not backbite about him to anyone,

You do not look for error in him, if he made a
mistake you accept his excuse.

It is incumbent upon you to respect and
magnify him as long as he keeps Allah’s orders.

You should not sit in front of

If he has a need the people should race to serve him.

You should not point to the teacher with your hands;

May Allah make us the best of students. May Allah
purify our intentions and keep us steadfast on Maslake Alahadrat Azeemulbarakat Radi Allahu Anhu.

Taalib e Dua
Maulana Mohammed Shakeel Qadiri Ridawi


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