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Feb 2, 2014

The Exalted Status Of Huzoor Ghauth e Paak رضي الله تعالیٰ عنه

When Hazrat Shaikh 'Abdul-Qadir Jilaani رضي الله تعالیٰ عنه declared that his foot is on the necks of every Wali of Allah.
At that time Almighty الله ﷻ beamed a Tajalli (lustre) on the Shaikhs' heart and Sayyiduna Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه و آله و صحبه و سلم sent a sacred garb with a group of exalted Angels for the Shaikh.
There was a gathering of every Wali of the past and present.
The Auliya who were alive presented themselves physically and those who had passed on, their souls were present. It was in this splendid gathering that the Angels dressed the great Ghauth رضي الله تعالیٰ عنه with this consecrated garb.
At that moment a huge crowd of Rijaal al-Gaib (Men of the Unseen) and Angels were also present.
The birds in the skies tucked their wings in respect and absolute submission.
All of them filled the horizons to witness this coronation. There was no Wali of Allah on earth that did not bend his neck in submission to the declaration of the Ghauth رضي الله تعالیٰ عنه

[Bahjat al-Asraar, Published Mustafa Al-Babi (Egypt), Page 8-9]


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