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May 19, 2014

Blessed Penny

Once A'la Hadrat Alayhi Rehmah was to go harbour to welcome the Hujjaj (Hajj-pilgrims). The hired transport got late. One of the devotees, Ghulam Nabi went to bring a horse-cart without informing anyone. When he returned with the horse-cart, he saw that the booked transport had also arrived. He then gave a penny (quarter of a rupee) to the cart owner and let him go. Nobody else was aware of this incident. After four days, Ghulam Nabi came in the great court of A'la Hadrat Alayhi Rehmah who gave him a penny. He asked " What is the penny for ? " A'la Hadrat Alayhi Rehmah replied " That day you gave a penny to the cart man. " Ghulam Nabi became astonished as he had not told the incident to anybody yet A'la Hadrat Alayhi Rehmah became aware of it. Seeing him in deep thought people said, " Why are you loosing this penny , take it as a sacred relic. " He then took the penny. As long as that sacred penny remained in his possession, he did not face financial problem.



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