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May 7, 2014

Khwaja e Hind Woh Darbaar Hai Aala Tera + English Translation

Khwaja-e-Hind woh Darbar hai Aala Tera;
Khusrawe dahar huwa Maangne wala Tera!

Khwaja of Hind, how lofty is your court;
The kings of the era are beggars of your court

Faiz Sultaan-e-Sakhawat hai nirala Tera;
Kabhi mehroom nahi phirta hai Mangta Tera!

King of the generous; your blessings are unique
Never does a beggar of yours wander dejected.

Teri Choukhat pe jo aaya woh bana Shah-e-Zamaa[N];
Khusrawa Dahar mein farmaan hai chalta Tera

The one who came to your doorstep, became the king of his time;
Your royal command reigns throughout the era!

Sadqa hai Khwaja-e-Ajmer ka tujhpe Akhtar
Burj-e-Rif'at me chamakta hai Sitara tera

The blessing of Khwaja is upon you Akhtar;
Your star shines bright in the highest galaxy of stars


Poem written in praise of Sultan e Hind Huzur Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz alayhir rahmah, by Taajush Shari'ah Mufti Akthar Rida Khan

Translated by Muhammad Kalim (Preston)


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