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May 2, 2014

Fasting On A Friday?

1. None of you should fast on Friday but when he joins a day before or after it. [Sahih Bukhari, Page 653, Vol. 1, Hadith 1985]

2. Do not specify Friday night amongst all nights for standing (in Salah), and do not specify Friday amongst all days for fasting, but when it is the fast you have to keep. [Sahih Muslim, Page 576, Hadith 1144]

3. The day of Friday is Eid for you, do not keep fast on it unless you keep fast before or after it as well. [Attarghib Wattarhib, Page 81, Vol. 2, Hadith 11]

Note: It is obvious from the foregoing Ahadith that we should not keep fast on Friday alone. One should not fast on Friday alone, instead, one should fast on Thursday or Saturday as well. Fasting on Friday or Saturday alone is Makruh-e-Tanzihi. However, if a particular date (such as 15th Sha'ban, 27th Rajab etc.) falls on a Friday or Saturday there is no harm in fasting on Friday or Saturday alone in this case.

Allah knows the best and His Rasul knows the best.


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