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May 30, 2014

Eesaal e Thawaab (Sending Reward to the Deceased)

Just as we benefit our near and dear ones in their lifetime, we should make it our duty to remember them once they have passed from this mundane world. It is our duty to send Thawaab to their souls and to remember them at all times in our Duas. Today, we find very few communities who make effort to visit their deceased and to send Thawaab to them. It is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat that the Thawaab which we send to the deceased reaches them, and not only does it reach them but it is a means of great benefit to them and to us as well. This is evident from the following incident:

Ibn Najar reported in Taarikh from Malik bin Dinar (radi Allahu anhu) wherein he says, I entered a cemetery on the eve of a Friday and there I saw a Noor glowing radiantly, so I said, ‘Laa Ilaaha Il’lal Laah’ It seems as if Almighty Allah has forgiven those in this cemetery. Just then I heard a voice from the unseen which said; O Malik bin Dinar (radi Allahu anhu)! This (Noor) is the gift of the Believers (which they have sent) towards their believing brothers. I gave the medium of Allah’s Name to the unseen voice and said; (Tell me) who sent this Thawaab (to them)? The voice said, A believing servant entered this cemetery and performed the suitable Wudu. He then performed 2 Raka’at Namaaz, and thereafter he sent the Thawaab of this to the deceased in the cemetery, so Almighty Allah blessed us with this Brightness and Light, due to this Thawaab (reward). Malik bin Dinar (radi Allahu anhu) says, I also made it habitual to send the Gift of Thawaab on the eve of every Friday (to the deceased), so I was blessed with the Ziyaarat of Rasoolullah (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) in my dream. He (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) was saying, O Malik! In return for the amount of Noor which you have gifted (the deceased), Almighty Allah has pardoned you and He has erected for you in Jannat a Glorious Palace.

Amr ibn Jareer reported, when a person makes Dua for his deceased brother, an Angel carries the Dua to his grave and says, O you who are in the grave! This is a gift for you from your generous brother.

Allah bless us with the Taufeeq to always send the reward of our virtuous deeds to our deceased. Allah Keep us all with Imaan and allow us to leave this world with Imaan. Aameen…..

Jummah Mubaarak!

Maslak e Aala Hazrat, Zindabaad!


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