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Jun 21, 2014

Promoting Good by Our Pious

Mahdi Hassan Barkaati (may Allah have mercy upon him), states, “When I used to go to Bareilly, A’la Hadhrat Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan (may Allah have mercy upon him) would personally bring out the food for me, and he would also wash my hands. Once, while washing my hands, he requested me to give him my ring and bangle which were made of gold. I immediately presented them to him. Later, I departed to Bombay. When I returned to Mahrerah, my daughter informed me that there was a parcel for me from Bareilly. I opened the parcel and found enclosed the ring and bangle. There was also a note in it which A’la Hadhrat wrote presenting the jewels to my daughter.” (Imam Ahmad Raza. His Academic and Spiritual Services.)

SubhanAllah! Look at the respect and wisdom that Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan showed towards his superiors. He practised upon the law of promoting good and forbidding evil and at the same time showing great respect towards Mahdi Hassan Barkaati (may Allah have mercy upon him).


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