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Jun 3, 2014

Sheikh Sa'adi Alaihir Rahma on the need of a Murshid

In the time of my childhood I went out with my father on the day of Eid, and in the large mass of people i got lost. I becamed alarmed and started to scream out in fear, when my father suddenly found me and began telling me off, and said:" Several times did I tell you not to let go off my  hand ."
A child knows not, how to go alone; it is difficult to travel anywhere for a child".

Sheikh Sa'adi Alaihir Rahma says for those who want to succed in the path of sulook and spirituality there is a great lesson in the above incident.

One who travels the path of sulook is also like this child ,without the guidance,direction and upbringing by his Sheikh one cannot do anything 
so ,become like this  child in your endeavour; go, hold the hand of the virtuous. Sit not with the false,lest you lose all respect but fasten your hand to the straps of the sandles of the pious.
Do not feel shyness in sitting at the feet of the Pious
The one who feels shame in this ,is the one who is always left deprived.
A mureed is like a weak child,The Murshid like a reinforced wall,
a small child learns to walk with the assistance of the wall.
Even a king is in need of a guide and advisor
Go, like Saadi, obtain the corn of wisdom so that you may store a harvest of divine knowledge.

Taken from Bostan e Saadi
by Hazrat Sheikh Saadi Shirazi Alayhir Rahmah

by Faqeer Mohammed Shakeel Qadri Ridawi
3 Shabaan Al Muazzam 1435
2 june 2014


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